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Red Sparrow

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Red Sparrow

Spielberg. Streep. Hanks.

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Oscar Race

And the winner is:

Best Picture (whoever thought this would be the toughest category. I would like to see Zero Dark Thirty or LIfe of Pi get it)

Argo or Lincoln – the year of historical and Patriotic films!

Best Director:

Funny having a category where the best movie seems to direct itself.  In failure of nominating Ben Affleck or Tom Hooper…

Steven Spielberg for Lincoln (would like to see Ang Lee get it for Life of Pi)

Best Actor:

Daniel-Day Lewis for his portrayal of Lincoln

Best Actress:

Jessica Chastain  for Zero Dark Thirty  (Emmanuelle Riva should get it for Amour.  She’s the oldest nominee ever.)

Best Supporting actor:

Christoph Waltz Django Unchained

Best Supporting actress:

Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables


In theatres now…

Paddington 2

in theaters on January 12, 2018

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Paddington 2

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