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Going in Style ♕ ♚ ♛

‘The Hangover’ for the geriatric set.  Willie (Morgan Freeman) has just found out he hasn’t much time left to live.  He wants to visit his daughter and grand-daughter, but they live too far away in travel expenses.


Joe (Michael Caine) has a home that’s occupied by his own daughter and granddaughter.   They live with him so the grandchild can be closer to the better school system.  But, he’s just learned that his mortgage has gone into default. His mortgage payments have tripled!


Albert (Alan Arkin) is their best friend who’s just discovered that all their pensions are frozen.  Apparently Wexler Steel has been sold…the very company they gave their hearts, lives and careers to.  Everything is a mess, though Albert’s one bright side is Annie (Ann-Margaret) the flirty can-stocker at the local grocery store.  And she’s looking for fun. Not a commitment.


Throw in a couple of odd balls like Matt Dillon as the police officer, and Christopher Lloyd as another kooky retiree, and you have a suitable/lovable April comedy with a significant message: Banks take our money, senior citizens get overlooked, but at all costs, life is worth the gamble right to the very end.  So, rob a bank.  Together the three amigo/senior citizens create more ‘operations’ than Viet Nam.  3 tiaras






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Murder on the Orient Express

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An Inconvenient Sequel - Truth to Power



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