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Table 19 ♕ ♚ ♛

It’s the wedding of the Grotsky’s. But, the now ‘ex’ maid of honor, Eloise (Anna Kendrick) is ousted at the reception after the bride’s brother breaks up with her…On a sticky note.

For that reason, she is punished to the reception’s non-alluring Table 19. The one in the back. Near the kitchen. Or is it the exit sign?

Seated with random guests that include the ever-arguing Kepp couple (Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson), and an elderly say-it-like-it is wise woman (June Squibb) and one hormone-enthused teenager, Renzo (Tony Revolori) Eloise has to suck it up. Rounding out the table is Walter (Stephen Merchant), a ‘business man’ with a hidden past. The round-table-six create a film tone f like Little Miss Sunshine meets My Big Fat Miserable wedding.

Quirky, funny and direct, at one point in life we’ve all embraced Table 19. It’s the table that literally disappears, and could have saved them a lot of grief by checking off the box ‘regrets’ on the RSVP.

Writers Jay and Mark Duplass are known for their dysfunctional screenplays. Remember Cyrus with Marisa Tomei, John C Reilly and Jonah Hill? Or the recent TV hit ‘Transparent? In Table 19 it the script is a bit underdeveloped though we wouldn’t want it any longer for lengthy monologues about inner angst, pasts and flaws. What we get is an ‘in the moment’ story of what it might feel like over the course of two hours to land at Table 19. It’s not a bad movie, it’s certainly better than being seated by the ladies room. 3 tiaras

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